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PABC's History

In March 1999, Mr. Arthur Hawkins, recently resigned CEO of Exide Batteries, purchased properties on the decommissioned NORAD airbase at Port Austin, Michigan. It was then said that Mr. Hawkins had for some time been looking for property from which a school and Bible Center could be established, a school that would be a prominent repository of Bible law scholarship. Mr. Hawkins seemed satisfied that the former airbase satisfied his requirements; so in December 1999, Mr. Hawkins transferred the parcels he had purchased on land contracts to the Eternal Life Bible Institute, a 501(c)(3) Minnesota corporation, of which he was President.

In 2000, the Eternal Life Bible Institute [ELBI] held an alleged celebration of Jesus' two-thousandth birthday—and that celebration was indicative of the quality of the corporation's biblical scholarship as four students [two married couples] came to attend classes that fall. At least two of those students remain spiritually linked to the Christian Identity Movement [CIM]; plus, instructors then retained by the corporation continue to speak at CIM rallies.

Beginning March 2001, the Eternal Life Bible Institute [ELBI] used the assumed name, Port Austin Bible Center [PABC] to conduct business in the State of Michigan; however, because of the Sears-Exide affair, Mr. Hawkins was indicted and eventually convicted of wire fraud, and he began serving a ten (10) year Federal prison sentence in 2002, and PABC fell upon more difficult financial times as Mr. Hawkins' millions were no longer as readily available.

Prior to spring 2004, the Port Austin Bible Center published a limited number of books and maintained a website, but its other activities were mostly confined to caretaking the Port Austin property purchased by Mr. Hawkins. The school that had been started couldn't be continued as necessary permits had not been obtained. A restaurant operated for one day before it was closed because of permitting problems. A building was demolished—debris was buried without obtaining permits. And PABC seemed to operate as a rouge entity, the justification for its existence as vague as its understanding of its civic responsibilities.

Four men, Sabbatarians, came together to purchase the Port Austin real property holdings of ELBI in April 2004. These four men formed two entities—the Port Austin Sabbatarian Community Church, and the Port Austin Sabbatarian Church Community—for their community's church and for their outreach ministry, respectively. Hence, the Port Austin Bible Center became operationally inactive. It was dead but not yet buried.

One of the four men—in cooperation with PABC's former property manager—over-filed the original recorded Assignment of Land Contracts and Purchasing Agreement made between ELBI and the Port Austin Sabbatarian Church Community [Liber 1048, pages 223-226] with another purchasing agreement for the same properties, this second Assignment of Land Contracts and Purchasing Agreement made between ELBI and the Port Austin Sabbatarian Church Community Sacred Purpose Trust [Liber 1073, pages 62-65]. Whereas the four men had been signatory parties and trustees of Port Austin Sabbatarian Church Community, only one of the four was a signatory party to, and trustee of the over-filed purchasing agreement. In fact, the other three men didn't know that the one man had filed a revised purchasing agreement until six weeks after the fact. And they had not signed away any of their interests in the property now controlled by the one man.

The matter of the property is in litigation—and the name Port Austin Bible Center has become a stench in the nostrils of local villagers. In fact, the acronym PABC has locally become associated with so-called men of God who use Christianity to justify their racism and their thievery.

The descendants of the first man Adam were consigned to disobedience so that God could have mercy on all (Rom 11:32). But prior to when the world was baptized by water unto death [the deluge of Noah's day], God was grieved that He had made humankind (Gen 6:5-7). It must now grieve Him that He has drawn human beings from the world, giving the drawn person life from His divine Breath [Pneuma 'Agion], such has been the level of legal chicanery displayed by outside “Christians” coming to the quiet village of Port Austin.

However, as the born of Spirit disciple is to crucify the old man [or nature] within the disciple, the now born anew Port Austin Bible Center will “crucify” its former reputation, and will bring forth fruits worthy of repentance.

Those “Christians” who cut corners with the civil and criminal laws of the county, the state, and the nation are, or will shortly be gone from Port Austin. Their exodus has been and will be none too soon. For the reborn Bible Center has before it a reputation restoration task requiring that the Bible Center walk absolutely upright before man and God—and it will so walk by faith.

None of the individuals presently involved with PABC had any previous association with ELBI, or with the Port Austin Sabbatarian Church Community Sacred Purpose Trust. There is no continuation or connection or collaboration or association between the born anew Bible Center and those who signed the over-filed purchasing agreement for the real property Mr. Hawkins so long sought.

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