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Feast of Tabernacles 2006





With The Philadelphia Church — Port Austin, the Port Austin Bible Center (PABC) will jointly hold the festival of booths [Succoth] from October 7 through October 14.


PABC teaches that every disciple should appear before God during the three seasons of the year representing the grain harvests of ancient Judea, but PABC also teaches that disciples should appear where God places His name—and that location is where two or three or more disciples regularly assemble together for weekly Sabbath services. Therefore, since the new creature born of Spirit already dwells in a temporary abode [the tent of flesh of the old creature], disciples need not travel to exotic locations to stay in hotels or motels or campgrounds to dwell in temporary housing where God has placed His name during the festival of booths; disciples need only to appear before God in prayer and to bring their tent of flesh to where services are held so as not to appear before God empty or naked.


However, travel to exotic locations is not prohibited as long as the purpose is to worship God, learning His ways, and not a family vacation that could be taken at any other season during the year. Thus, for scattered Philadelphians that have no regular fellowship, an invitation is extended to come to Port Austin, Michigan, where the eight days of services will explore and develop typology and typological exegesis in college graduate type seminar sessions.


PABC can assist in making housing arrangements, but does not, itself, provide such housing … there are several motels and bed & breakfasts within a few miles of where services will be held, some reasonably priced. Most of the local restaurants will still be open in October, as will be state park campgrounds that are on the shores of Lake Huron (Port Austin is a seasonal tourist community with a very small industrial base, so as the tourist season concludes many businesses close for the winter).


The facilities in which services will be held this year are not five-star, but were built to withstand a near nuclear blast and will still do so. 2006 is a transitional year—and a person should not come expecting the polish acquired by the former WCG after decades of holding festival services. Rather, the aura will be more like when the Feast was held at Belknap Springs, local in attendance and heavenly in focus.


Additional information and a pre-seminar flyer can be obtained by calling:

            Philadelphia Church – Port Austin (FEAST)


Or by contacting PABC by e-mail.



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The following announcement was released by PABC on 31 July 2006:


From PABC, Port Austin, Michigan:

Although the Port Austin Bible Center (PABC) will hold Feast of Tabernacle services here in Port Austin during the traditional dates for Succoth, PABC has no association with Norman Edwards, who has been marked by the Sabbatarian church here as a person to be avoided.

Philadelphia Church - Port Austin ]

Of Special Interest
 · Day #1
Typology of Creation—Reconciling the J & P accounts
 · Day #2
The First and the Last Adam
 · Day #3
Feasts of Israel & the Grain Harvests of Judea as Shadow of the Plan of God
 · Day #4
Physical Circumcision—Shadow of Spiritual Circumcision
 · Day #5
Blood as a Shadow of Faith
 · Day #6
Nebuchadnezzer as Shadow of piritual king of Babylon
 · Day #7
The Tabernacle as Shadow of the Temple
 · Day #8
The Sabbath as Shadow of God's Rest

 · The Sadness of Marking


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